Go Run Some Hills

I love running old school; no GPS beeping at me to tell me to run faster – slow down – run more…never getting to just fully enjoy the feel of a run.  There is nothing like going out the front door and turning off my head and just letting it all go and just RUN.  More times than not I can go out the door and not even think to grab my iPod.  But if I become aware that I don’t have music on me, that is all I can think about; so creating the perfect motivating playlist is always fun for me.

Here is my Hilly 10 Mile Run

A Shopping Fix

A couple years ago when I told my husband I wanted to exchange stockings because it was my favorite childhood holiday memory, he couldn’t quite grasp what that meant.  Growing up in a family that didn’t do the stocking thing or celebrate Christmas, I should have realized it was going to be more difficult than I thought.  There was one rule: only buy things that could fit in the stocking.  I didn’t think that too tough of a rule.  It was supposed to be a fun and entertaining little gift exchange…well, it was entertaining.

After a few cocktails and a short shopping trip, I ended up with nothing that fit in the stocking and a top that I call my Funeral Shirt (and yes, I only wear it to funerals and wakes).  Now moving forward, I take it upon myself to buy my own stocking gifts…or at least make the wishlist online and allow him to click on the purchase button so he feels like he completed his task.  At least by doing this, I don’t ever have to return anything, I like everything I get and never have to make an exchange because things don’t fit.

Here are a few of the awesome deals that are going on this opening day of the holiday shopping season from my sponsors.


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