Where It All Started

Touched and honored that people would write to tell me what an inspiration I am. While my intention was not to inspire, but to educate, I suppose it takes someone who can inspire to get one to want to learn or change their life for the better.

EndlesPictures interviews and questions from panels and groups about my history of fitness made me realize that my journey was unique from what people were used to in India. So where did my journey in fitness begin? It might take a lifetime to tell, so I will just pick a story a week for you to help unfold where I came and what moved me to indulge my life in the world of fitness.

I hated dance. I hated tutus and tap shoes. I hated sequins and ruffles. GET ME OUT OF THIS! But thanks to a sister who always wanted to do ballet and dance, by default, little sister had to as well. There was something to the affect of heel toe and shuffling. That was the end of my dancing career, and thank goodness for that!  …continued at Kimberly Shah Fitness:  Where It All Started

The Giving Tree Could Give No More

img-9417“Why don’t you have kids? You’d make an amazing mom.” Do you know how many times I’ve heard this from people of all over the world. Only a couple have been able to recognize that I probably wouldn’t make that great of a parent. I normally respond that I have so many people to look after that are like my children. I invest so much time and energy into looking after all my athlete’s well being, it is hard enough to dedicate time into me, let alone someone else that I am responsible for keeping alive.

My work has been my life mission for years. Moving to India to help bring more education and change people’s lives has been where I have dedicated my mission. But when you give give give, and people
want to take take take; the only giving you receive from others is from those who want to take more. It is exhausting. Sometimes it is easy to loose balance and sight of taking care of oneself.

Six months have pasted since I did my last public event, and there is a reason for it. The Giving Tree couldn’t give anymore. There was nothing she could GIVE. She needed to care of herself.

I have had to spend this time giving to me and nursing my mental and physical health back to where it once was, and hopefully more.  At the end of January I sat down and the past 5 month of my life was a complete blur. I barely remember a thing about it, other than flashing moments of standing on stages, feelings of loneliness, crying and deep heart broken pain….continued at Kimberly Shah Fitness:  The Giving Tree Could Give No More


Attacked By Masculinism of India

I have to admit, I am kind of laughing as I write this, but  because I am dumbfounded that A: There are people like this.  B: Really???…Really?  C: I know they exist, but I still can’t believe they do.

Scenario: Flipping through news stories and come across this.

Uber Driver Tries To Rape College Girl. Gets Beaten Up, Because She Knew Karate!

After continuous comments of reading things to the sort: “All women should learn this for incidents like these.” and not reading any of “why can’t men learn…” I responded.

*Noted: I do believe women AND men should learn to defend themselves. Unfortunately that is a world we live. Unfortunately things happen. In the first year of living in India, I was followed and attacked. The man did not expect me to fight back and I took him down. I was stronger and more agile than him. The look on his face was amazing when he hit the ground. He did not expect that at all.


NOTE: I am the one who liked the comment below me.  

NOW…From there, let the attack begin….


What else can you say other than it is so so sad there are people out there who are like this.  Women…Indian Women, Chinese Women, American Women…Women are beautiful beings. They gave birth to every human who walks this earth and should be honored.  It’s no wonder there are less than 250 followers of this group in the country.  Thank you the the men out there who don’t buy into this crap.

WOW…what else can you say other than please don’t let this man procreate!!!