Lost in Lisbon

Of all the traveling I have done through Europe, Portugal wasn’t top on my list to travel. No reason, but I had always a desire to see other things.  So when looking for a New Year’s holiday getaway, the criteria was: cheap, easy to get to for someone in India and the other in US.  SURPRISE!  Lisbon was the middle.  We could not have lucked out any more than what we did with this romantically sad city who holds to their authentic culture, has a rich European history and streets filled with unexpected modern day street art next to the hand panted tiles which are hundreds of years old.  Charmed and in love with this city.  I cannot wait to go back.  I would proudly say it is my new Western European Favorite City.

Source: Lost in Lisbon


Summit 2015 Saputara

Directing a race is not a simple task.  Any problems that happens during the event falls all on your shoulders.  There are so many factors to constantly be thinking about.  If you have a great team, they help carry the worrisome burden for you…luckily I had that experience.  But when it comes down to it, any decision that is made on how things were executed during the event ultimately falls on the director’s shoulders….more