Art for Fashion in Fitness

I have always been a fan of art, fashion and quality.  So what do you do when you work in an industry where lycra spandex and the color black is the norm?  I spent the past 3 years looking for a brand of workout clothes that worked with my workout and work needs.

1. Unique:  I did not want to look like every other girl walking down the street in her workout clothes.  I love color.

2. Quality:  Seeing through my tights when bending over in downward dog should never be a worry; as well as fading colors, holding shape and never fearing the dryer after a husband’s good deed of doing the laundry.

3. Functional: Wicking material that feels practically like nothing, running shorts short enough that they don’t ride and bunch up while running, and enough pockets to tuck away the this and thats you end up carrying with you on workouts.

IMG_4676Try finding a brand that meets all 3 of my requirements…INKnBURN hit it on the nose!  With their unique, artistic designs, I will never look like the girl next door, and the guys in the gym don’t stand a chance on seeing through my capris.  Because of the temperatures the ink is burned into the fabric, the color of the art won’t fade.  You’ve got to love the 2 side pockets in every pair of running shorts, pockets in the sports bras and sleek sides of their tights.

After getting to go through their offices and manufacturing warehouse, I was sold.  It was amazing to have a company walk you through the production process from start to finish, from the designers, the pattern makers and material cutters, printing and sewing.  The crew they have there is wonderful!

Check out INKnBURN‘s amazing workout art here on my Pintrest Board from previous seasons.  This season is filled with color and beautiful designs from their talented in-house artists.  It’s incredible; I cannot wait to pick up my new pieces this week at their store location in Costa Mesa, CA.  HUGE fan – and cannot wait to see what new designs will come out in the future months!


UAE Throwback Video

Yes, I will make it my throwback theme of the month!  It is an incredible country, and I cannot get enough of it.  As of today, I proudly hold 7 passport stamps to the United Arab Emirates.  (Only France and India have more).  Since a little girl, I had always been mystified by the Arab Nations and curious of the lives that lived within the borders.

My very first video attempt I ever made…WARNING: quality not the best, but my 10 day trip by myself was an incredible one.

Without Borders: United Arab Emirates

As I prepare from my next race in the United Arab Emirates, I found myself getting excited looking at my pictures from the last race I did there.

Images from the UAE in my Blog: Without Borders: United Arab Emirates

From My Hotel, the Presidential Palace