UAE Throwback Video

Yes, I will make it my throwback theme of the month!  It is an incredible country, and I cannot get enough of it.  As of today, I proudly hold 7 passport stamps to the United Arab Emirates.  (Only France and India have more).  Since a little girl, I had always been mystified by the Arab Nations and curious of the lives that lived within the borders.

My very first video attempt I ever made…WARNING: quality not the best, but my 10 day trip by myself was an incredible one.

Without Borders: United Arab Emirates

As I prepare from my next race in the United Arab Emirates, I found myself getting excited looking at my pictures from the last race I did there.

Images from the UAE in my Blog: Without Borders: United Arab Emirates

From My Hotel, the Presidential Palace


Throwback TPowerDASH

Hilly rounds of running today, along with some great body strength exercises:

1.  Running at 3% incline

2. Sit and Stand – starting from standing position, sit on the ground, lay back and reverse into a sit-up and stand up.  Goal: not using hands to stand up.  Extra: add vertical jump once in standing position.

3.  Running at 5% incline

4.  Plank See-Saw

5.  Running at 7% incline

6.  Low Standing Side to Side Lateral Lunges

TPowerDASH is Tabata class that incorporates high intensity running intervals with body weight strength exercises.  Tabata intervals always consist of sets of 8 intervals, done for 20 seconds with 10 second rests in-between, at the highest intensity that can consistently be held.  1 minute rests are given between sets.