Hard Labor

Hard Labor

The anticipation is building, but you will have to wait until May for the final result.   Training for an Ironman to me, is as close to pregnancy as I will ever get.

Right now it is pure excitement; you are now committed to another Ironman and all you feel is a nervous excitement.  What you don’t think about when you have your brilliant moment “I want to do another Ironman” is that over the next nine months your body goes through changes; you will eat more, your body will ache, feet will hurt, and you will drive your spouse crazy.  And in the end, you gradually become more and more irritable, especially when you have to go easy on your body as you prep for the big day.  No book ever written can really tell you what it is like, and you never really know until you become an Ironman yourself.

Sounds glamorous doesn’t it?

Nine months from now I will go through 11-12 hours of hard labor and in the end, in the final push across the finish line you forget about all you went through to get to this point, you don’t care about how you look or what’s going on around you..it’s all focus on one thing; for it all to be over and reap your reward.  Depending on your experience  you might think never again or have such a pleasant time the you want to do it all over again and cannot wait for the next one.

As my house starts to collect Finisher Medals; who know how many I will have or where I will do them, but what I do know is that each one has a special place in my heart.  Each race had different needs and needed to be nurtured differently.

For those mothers who think I am crazy for comparing this to childbirth and have never done one; sign up for one and see.  And for those who have gone through both; think about it…mmm.  (just remember I compared it to the giving birth process, not actually raising kids)


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