41 Weeks to Go!

This week started not so good with a bit of stomach problems, but as the week went on I started to gain some momentum.  Legs and lungs still feel like they are recovering and I think by next week I will be ready to get back into full swing training.

8/9: I didn’t even get to teach three of my five classes, so a workout was out of the question.

8/10:  Strength training for the first time in four weeks; putting a big focus on building strength for swimming – fore this is where I find most of my weakness when it comes to strength.  I got a very easy 6 mile run in; keeping it slow to make sure my stomach would hold.  And it did!  Today is also my mental health day where I get to go to my therapist; best thing I have ever done for myself.

8/11:  Open water swim; and the lake was bit angry that morning.  There were some strong waves coming in.  I swim much at all, because I was with a client and my focus was more on her than me getting my swim in.  Then I spent the afternoon changing a flat on my bike and my husband’s since I am the mechanic in the house…I just hope I never get a flat in the car, because I would be stranded.

8/12:  Momentum has started and moving forward finally!  Felt 100% and had a great day in training, starting with a fartlek ride on the North Branch Trail with my assistant that was awesome!  I felt today like my lungs were wearing out quicker than my legs, but my legs could not push for the burn on the pick-ups, however I averaged over 23mph on each pick-up.  My total riding was 42 miles.  Then I went off to do a kettlebell strength training session and then 45 minutes of Parkour training; working on jumps.  So by the end of the day my legs were a tad bit tired.

8/13: I swam open water again in the lake where I proceeded to get sea sick.  I am going to try an experiment next week by taking a half a Dramamine to see if that helps.  As soon as I get over a half a mile in races and open water swims I get sea sick and I need to fix the problem.  I finished the day with a 90 minute Bikram Yoga class for the first time in six months…it’s 70 minutes of my thinking about what else I should be doing, and the last 20 minutes thinking about what flavor of popsicle I am going to have at the end of class.  Unfortunately I am not very good at it, but I try.  My hamstrings and hips are tight, but I am pleased to say I have fairly good balance.  Everything I do I cannot get my legs to straighten yet.  I am going to continue yoga because I think flexibility is part of helping me stay injury free for The Next One.

8/14:  Feeling yoga from yesterday, I took on 17 miles with one of my runners.  It was my first long run since Ironman Lake Placid.  We ran a 9:30 pace average and it felt pretty easy for m.  Weather was cloudy in the morning which always makes training easier on your body.  About 10 miles in I thought this was so easy, and by 14 miles I was getting a little tired.  I was more hungry than anything.  With a marathon on the 11th of September, I will put in a 19 to 20 miler next week and call for the taper.

*It’s amazing what you think is long, then do an Ironman and go for a run like this…mentally it was of my easiest long run of the year!

8/15:  I slept in for the first time in weeks…6:00a.m.  Then I subbed an hour cycling class that I actually rode as a recovery.  Hamstrings are definitely feeling yesterday’s run.  Really feeling rested and fresh, and caught up with all my work for the week.  I am very excited to see what this upcoming week will bring to me and the rest of the world!


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