Destination Racing

If I could take my job of coaching and make it better, it would be; to train groups of athletes for specific races around the world, go and race while making a little vacation out of it.

Racing in Miami

After doing my first couple races in the local area, I decided to venture out and see where in the country I could go that I had never seen.  I first started small by going to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; it was my first time in Wisconsin, and to my surprise it was beautiful.

From there I traveled to Florida; racing in Miami Man, St. Anthony’s, and a few other local Miami races.

Then I moved on to California; Oceanside 70.3 (my all time favorite, doing it 3 times), Wildflower and Malibu Half Marathon.

I started picking more and more states like Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kansas, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and New York.  Suddenly I wanted to travel further and do more exotic/international races.

I don’t know if you would consider Cancun exotic or international, but that was my first race where my passport was required.  Cancun 70.3 – A little Half Ironman, scuba diving and hanging out by the pool.  If there was anything I learned at this race was; if traveling international – travel with everything you might possibly need.

My gear cables broke the day before my race and the race’s bike shop was not prepared for this type of problem (which I found odd).  They did not even have CO2 cartridges in stock.  Luckily I had met a couple guys from Arizona at my hotel who were racing and one was a bike mechanic who had brought a set of cables with him and the problem was fixed in a matter of minutes.

Ironman South Africa – If you plan on traveling extensively post race; make arrangements beforehand to have your bike shipped back home. It wouldn’t be much fun schlepping your bike around everywhere you go.  Once you get home, make sure you are aware that you have to go through cargo customs if you don’t hire a Currier, it is a multi-step process getting your bike back.

On the run course of the Paris Marathon

Paris Marathon – What an amazing way to see the city!  Having toured Paris before; nothing can compare to running through the streets for 26.2 miles to see the spectacular historic architecture, parks, neighborhoods.  Running for fun; don’t be afraid to take your camera along to capture the moment!

This was my first marathon I ever did, where I had not just gotten off of a 112 mile bike ride.  I photographed the entire experience; even made a couple quick videos.  I was having such a great time with my girlfriend, running through the streets of Paris on a beautiful spring morning, I didn’t care what time I ran.  You are in Paris – take advantage of the wine stops in the last 10k of the race.

Arriving in Texas for the first time!

When traveling in Lubbock, Texas; bring a friend…a really good friend, because you will spend plenty of time entertaining each other. But on a good note; I have never met friendlier people than what I found in Lubbock.

There is no reason why not to make each race memorable.  Take pictures and have fun.  See what each city has to offer with food and site-seeing.  Enjoy yourself!


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