Buffalo Springs 70.3

June 26th:  Buffalo Springs 70.3, Lubbock, TX 2010

Experience:  That race sucks.  I didn’t like the course at all.  The swim I started on the frontline and went all out to finish in 32 minutes.  Hopped on the bike and for the first 40 miles averaged 20.0 mph and felt solid.  At mile 36 I realized I had not taken in any nutrition at all…I had totally zoned out.  Too late to catch up, now all I can do is maintain.  Pushing back into headwind for the last 16 miles took an hour.  Transitioning into the run took me for a 4 mile run as my legs started to cramp.  I got halfway up a hill, turned around looked at the fire truck behind me and hopped right in.  I didn’t hesitate; sat there for a couple minutes as the worst headache started sweeping in on me.  Two IV’s later and getting to sit across from all the pro men in the med tent (it was a nice site), I was feeling better…physically.  Mentally I felt defeated.  Not a way to feel one month out from Lake Placid.  The positive point about the race was getting to go with my coach and then post-race getting to hang out with some fellow Chicagoans which made it all worth being there.  I also got a really cool pair of cowboy boots.

Training:  part of my IM training and was to be a tune-up race.

DNF – got a fabulous IV though, they were handing them out like candy!

Things to Know:  The course could not be more boring…especially the run.  Bring good company if you do race it.  Lubbock is not vegetarian friendly.  Locals are so nice.  What hills you do have on the  course are steep and fairly long since you are climbing in and out of canyons.

(pictures posted on Facebook)


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