Chicago Triathlon

August 28, 2010 Chicago Triathlon Sprint Distance

Experience:  Who doesn’t love home court?  As much as many people hate this race, I still love it.  I don’t do it every year, but from time to time it is nice to race on home court; the run I do almost every Wednesday evening and ride on Lake Shore Drive.  It was very hot and humid this year.  Lake Shore Drive however, was in the best condition it has been in years.  I tried a new strategy on the swim; taking the front row and sprinting the first 200 meters.  It worked out fairly well if not no one touching me for the rest of the swim is what you call successful.  I rarely get hot on the bike, but I did in the first 5 miles.  Unfortunately I had the slowest run I have done in year…or actually ever! The results… terrible time – so bad I found myself being disappointed with it and couldn’t really enjoy the fact that I won my age group and placed 7th overall.

Training:  A lot less endurance work and more speed.  More open water swims.  Less riding since I didn’t have time to go north like I usually do for my rides.

Things to Know:  You have to arrive very early for this race – transition closes at 6:00 a.m. and you cannot get your bike until 11:00.  On the bike it is RIDE TO THE RIGHT AND PASS ON THE LEFT.  I cannot stress this enough; especially to rookies – there is nothing wrong with being a first timer, everyone is one at some time; but KNOW THE RULES!!!


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