Wildflower Half Ironman 2010

May 2nd: Wildflower Half Ironman 2010

Experience:  Had a great time with Team Venice!  What type of expectations can you have when you are sleeping on the ground in a tent the night before the race in 60 degree weather?  Failed to do research of the race course; but that didn’t bother me much.  Swim is great – although I got a little sea sick, but that’s normal.  The bike – if you are not climbing up you are descending steep turning hills.  The Big Nasty…it’s nasty.  Heart Beat Hill…definitely makes your heart beat – high.  The run is partially off road and there is no shade.  The day before the race we stopped to listen to the course overview and they told us, “don’t feel like you have failed if you decide to walk up the hill at mile 4, there are a lot of pro’s who use this strategy.”   In my head I was thinking, “How hard can it really be?”  Well, after I walked up the hill at mile 4, I walked up the hill at mile 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.   Oh, dear god!  If I heard “you’re almost there” one more time at the top of every hill I was going to loose it!  You often hear it is the Woodstock of Triathlons; it is.  When you hear it is a checklist race to do; again, it is.  Will I ever do it again; without a doubt.  I think next year I will actually do the Half on Saturday and the Olympic distance Sunday.  This race I actually had one of my worst times in a Half, but raced with a great group of guys and had a great time.

Training: Swim – pool only, Bike – computrainer (practiced course) and some outdoor riding, Run – BIG mistake to not practice hills

Things to Know: this is a CAMPING race and is extremely hilly.  The website is amazing at giving you all the information you need to know.


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