Malibu International Marathon and Half Marathon

November 14, 2010, Malibu International Marathon and Half Marathon

Spectacular view in Malibu

2009 – what a great time we had; we enjoyed ourselves so much that we made a pack to make Malibu our end of the year race with the intention of keeping a consecutive streak as long as we can.  2009 was the first year for this beautiful point to point PCH race and here we are one year later with more than double our 2009 group.

November 12th, 2010 I arrive in L.A., excited to be at my home away from home.  I had a full dance card this weekend with catching up with old friends, new friends, work and everything in-between.  Mid-afternoon I headed to the Farmer’s Market on 3rd for a delicious enchilada, and then headed to Santa Monica to meet up with a friend for the evening.  The Bazaar for dinner and finishing the night at Rodger’s Room – it was a good night…no, it was a great night.  Saturday morning off to the gym for a quick sweat and from there everything went downhill quickly.

Starting with dumping a bottle of coconut water in my purse which ruined my GPS, but that was just the beginning.  It took me 2.5 hours to make the trip from Santa Monica to Malibu because my stomach refused to hold down anything I tried to put in it – not even a drop of water.  By the time I made it to race packet pick-up I knew it would be impossible for me to drive myself to my hotel, so one of my friend’s took me through 20 minutes of twisting turns through the Santa Monica Mountains and checked me in.  Halfway through the drive, after pulling over twice I was starting to panic a little.  I had only felt this badly once before and that was when I lived in Miami and got salmonella.  So after a quick check-in (so quick, I never left the car) we headed for the closest hospital.

On our way to the hospital after one false alarm pull-over I thought I had made it safely – but in the final quarter mile you could find me hanging out of the car window puking the last 8 ounces of water I had drank along with bile all down my rental car passenger door, while hoping not to loose my sunglasses to the roadway.

The hospital was as wonderful as a hospital can be.  After painful blood work, two big needle pokes and a powerful squeeze of the IV bag from my wonderful nurse, Chris, she was

After IV Bag #2 - Starting to Feel Better

finally able to get fluids to flow through my dried and collapsed veins.  My body sucked down the first back in twenty minutes, the next one in under thirty.  I wasn’t done yet – with Zophran pumping through my veins I was asked to eat yellow JELLO.  It stayed down!  One more IV bag, three in total and I was cleared!

The unfortunate thing was that this was only the half-way point of the downward spiral.  Only to find a tree had fallen on the car in the parking lot.  My car was the only one in this parking lot and next to one of the only trees.  Clearly I didn’t get to run the race and I was not about to play hero and attempt it.  On my way back to L.A. from the race, which I did go as a spectator, I rear-ended a car on the 101; in my rental car that the tree fell on.

Clearly my full weekend dance card was cleared out and now I am looking forward to a nice hospital bill.  Let’s be honest – it was not a very good race weekend for Kimberly.  Next is my flight to Mexico for vacation – while still on Zophran to keep down my food and water!

Sitting the Sideline

This is what it looks like to be on the sideline


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