Price Tag Update

Price Tag


The average Ironman participant makes $150,000 a year.  I am certainly not one of those.  Gadgets and gizmo’s galore; from Suit Juice to Chamois Butt, all the way to Aero-Wheels and GPS watches, what has this world come to?

When you look back thirty years ago to the first brave souls who attempted this great feat; they wore cut-off jean shorts, rode on 10-speeds and ate sandwiches while drinking soda.  It was just a long day on the big island.  Now look at us!

It will be interesting to see how much money I spend when it is all said and done by the end of Lanzarote.


  • $150     Triathlon Training/Coaching
  • $650     Race Entry to Ironman Lanzarote
  • $135     New cycling shoes (Specialized Trivent) online on sale
  • $92.80  Saucony Fastwich running shoes


  • $150     Triathlon Training/Coaching


  • $196     2 pairs of running tights from lululemon (the best running tights ever!)


  • $135    1 pair of Asics Noosa Tri 4, plus shipping from Germany
  • $265    Entry to Vineman 70.3 – but this doesn’t really count since it is post IM Lanzarote (just another race to do)
  • $150     Abu Dhabi Long Course entry fee – but really I don’t know yet if that was US dollar or UAE dirham yet
  • $125     1 pair of Asics Noosa Tri 6, plus shipping from London – because the first pair was so cool, I had to get a second


  • $1240  48 Sessions for my Personal Trainer – because strength training is the one thing I won’t do on my own
  • $100  20 sessions of Bikram Yoga
  • $44.48  Plane ticket to Abu Dhabi, UAE – thank god for Etihad Family Mile Plan!


  • $668 for plane ticket and hotel to Miami, FL for 5 days of training in the heat, open water and on my bike outside
  • $75 Entry to ING Miami Half Marathon to help prep myself for running
  • $68 on Cycling Bibs, Shorts, Wind Booties and Rain Jacket – AMAZING SALE!
  • $120 new saddle
  • $300 Round trip for my bike to travel with me on my training weekend in Miami
  • $56 for the things I forgot when I went to Miami that I needed for my ride; aero bottle, chain lube and there was something else I cannot remember
  • $0 – OMG! SOMETHING FOR FREE…THANK YOU RUNNING AWAY MULTISPORT!!!!!  Guru Bike Fit.  It was so amazing!  I cannot thank you enough!




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