My First Trip of the Year!

My First Trip of the Year

Butterflies in my stomach…every time I land here I get excited like I did the first day I drove over the causeway a decade ago when I moved here.  The feeling of sadness comes

Ready to RUN...yeah! OUTSIDE...yeah! IN SHORTS...YEAH!

over me as I begin to question why I ever left; because every time I am here I find a little piece of my heart I left here so long ago.  Welcome to Miami Beach.

Well, this is the last time I ever fly American with my bike.  They too have become part of the Evil Empire with United and now charge $150 each way.  Flying my bike has now officially cost more than my ticket!  Points are not worth what I will save with a $50 each way on Southwest – that’s for sure!

Hopping in a cab, with the windows down, I started to get excited for the moment when we get to drive over the MacArthur Causeway with the windows down and smell of the salty sea air; I found myself awfully disappointed to only be able to smell Pine Tree Air Freshener wafting up my nostrils…so disappointing.

As I arrived to my hotel to get some much needed piece and quiet, I was reminded of many of the reasons why I fell in love with SoBe when I lived here; the Art Deco Buildings, small Euro-style hotels, five different languages being spoken within an earshot, gyms and protein bars on every other corner, and the possibility of running into someone you know is pretty high (in my first four hours I ran into two people I hadn’t seen in two years, have a lunch, dinner and coffee date and a job offer…I love this town!)  This is not only my first trip of the year, but a four day training getaway!

The Plan:  Spend the next four days training in warm weather – OUTSIDE

Why:  In six weeks I will be in Abu Dhabi for my first race of the season and training indoors on a Computrainer will not cut.  I need to practice in some heat, outdoors and get into some open water.  (not to mention – I need some serenity, and to me there is no better way to get that than to go away and train.)

Training Day 1:  I got in a wonderful run, about 5 miles of running through my old neighborhood, past my old apartment, the place I once was a bartender, where I took my little Nubia (dog) to play every day, down the beach.  It was wonderful; I had a smile on my face from start to finish.  Getting to run outside in shorts and a sports bra in January is the best!

Tomorrow:  Open water swim, run, a colada…




Froze my drink for the ride...oops

enjoying the best banana chocolate peanut butter milkshake EVER!


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