Day 2 of Training in Miami

Day 2 of Training

Every form of working out you see here on the Beach; the list was endless as I ran four miles north, then four miles back to where I began.

Kicking trees, dive rolls into the sand, pull-up competitions, paddle boarding, Kangoo running, Pilates on the beach, Tai Chi, high knee walks through the ocean, dogs pulling people on rollerblades – not really sure who was supposed to be doing all the work here, something I think was supposed to be a sit-up, and an interesting array of over-exposed stretching I really didn’t need to see.  It was amazing; I could go on forever.

No need for music on my run, I was purely entertained by the all walks of life I got to see during this hour of pleasure.  Yes, pleasure; I ran into a friend afterwards and wanted to know what I was doing tonight.  I told him I was going to bed early and I had a 100 mile bike ride tomorrow morning and I want to get an early start.  (My god, I sound that that computer animation guy on You-Tube – I am Training for an Ironman.)  He replied by telling me I was probably the only person ever who would travel to South Beach to train for five days…he’s probably right.  But this is my idea of a good time.  This is my escape from the real world, my little vacation from every day life.  I get to do what I truly love to do…train.

As for today’s training; I achieved what I set out to do.  I ran a good run, I swam a good swim and I drank a great colada.  It was a good day.  No…it was a great day.

Tomorrow’s Goal:  Swim an easy mile, then head out for a 100 miler ride.  I fueled my body at a Colombian restaurant with red beans and rice; and I dare not ask if there was beef stock in the beans.  Finding good vegetarian food that is protein rich is hard to find when traveling.  I now travel with a jar of my Niyogin PRO (best protein mix ever – love it, tastes great and mixes well).  I have my bike loaded and race ready.  The route is planned and all I have to do is stop by the local shop to put some air in my tires and I will be off!

(Sun block…must remember sun block)


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