Race Mode

Race Mode

The Triathletes are here!  I did race packet pick-up today, checked out the race course and hung out around the city today.  I am not big on getting a bunch of race gear because they are always overpriced, but I was hoping to get something and there was not a thing!  This can only mean one thing – finisher packet is going to be really cool!  As I went through the pick-up ritual; find your number, weight in, get your number, time chip, bag and look at what is there, I started to get that race excitement that I always get.

There is a feeling I get when I am at every race that quickly reminds me why I do this, even when I feel the least prepared.  I had my first dream of racing and this only happens when I feel ready; it typically happens for the 2-3 weeks before my big race of the year, but it happened last night.  So whether I am really ready or not, I am at least excited.

I have no clue how many people/are racing in my age group – the race list is by alphabetical order!  It is driving me crazy to know how many people there are.  But I will say, as you look through the list there are very few doing the long course race.  I think I stand a really good chance placing in the top 20…but then again there might only be 20 women doing the race.

I found a place to sit in the park and walk the Seafront Path.  As I was looking at the skyline, I started to notice how beautiful it was, and then there is a park area that runs along the skyline, then Conriche Rd. that is 4 lanes wide each way, the beach and water…reminds me of home.  Just like home, but with newer buildings, a cleaner park, and cleaner water for sure that smells better and a brand new “Seafront Path” without cracks and holes in the middle of the path.  I love this place even more.  It felt nice to be in a place that felt a little like home.

From here, my journey starts to become boring to the every day traveler who doesn’t get the whole racing part as to why I am here in the first place.  But that is okay, I have thoroughly enjoyed my adventure.  But from here forward, this is where it gets good…I get to ride my bike on the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Race Track!!!  How cool is that?! It is time for me to start focusing on hydration as the days get hotter.  I will be going through my checklist as I drive the bike (riding not so easy to do around here, but I have found a place.  Swim in the Gulf and run the course.  It is time.

  • Coffee really does suck around here.  I am still trying to find a good cup – disappointing.
  • I walked over to the beach today – I have never seen this color of blue come from water before, the pictures don’t do it justice.
  • The beaches are so clean – that is because they charge to go onto the beach.
  • In fact the city has no trash cans, yet there is no trash on the streets at all – there are guys in red jumpsuits picking up any little piece a paper there is on the ground.
  • Seriously, don’t try to sell me something that doesn’t fit and insist that it fits me! – There is a difference between a loose fit top and something that is hanging off of you because it is too big.  I think if you are going to work in retail sales, know the difference.  I am annoyed now and will not buy a thing from you no matter how much I like it.
  • My favorite saying of the day is:  “You will laugh your guts out”
  • Seriously, there is a TV show on Star Gold called: Terre Bin Laddin

A New Island Being Built in the Distance

There are Phone Booths - and a lot of them along the parks


The Seafront Path - where the run course will take place (I like to call it this because we have a Lakefront Path at home...don't really know the real name to it)


3 thoughts on “Race Mode

  1. Looks like you are ready to rock girl!! 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you’re loving it… we loved Dubai – and want to go back someday!


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