A Day in Dubai

A Day in Dubai

Thursday morning, this is my only opportunity to make it to Dubai if I am going to do it.  But first, I must go check out the swim site.  Emirates Palace; it is incredible, grand with acres of cricket and football fields.  It sits along many of the waterfront beaches and that is where the swim is going to be held.  There are 2 transitions in this race and the bike to run is about 2.5 miles away; this doesn’t seem that bad, at least for now.  Let’s wait and see what I have to say about it post race when I have to get back to my car.  The people were great.  I even met a couple who was from Cordon, Indiana – what are the odds of that?  No swim, a little run and walk over the T1 and it is time to clean up and head to Dubai for the day.

First stop is petrol, which I waited in line for 15 minutes to get.  And to much of my surprise there aren’t as many petrol stations between Abu Dhabi to Dubai, but the good thing is that it as far of a drive.  I went to one of the Palm Islands – not very impressive. As I approached the city it started to remind me of entering Las Vegas where everything is supersized.  The city was built on each side of the highway.  I am not quite sure if I liked it like that, but it was easy to get around that way.

Bur Dubai was my first stop and LOVED it! It is the old Dubai where the Historical Museum is and an old fort and is like Mumbai but only cleaner, no beggars on the street and still great shops and amazing food.  How I have never had Tandoor Roti, I don’t know but (do I blame my husband for that) but I think I have a new flat bread favorite.  I went to a little off the beaten path place called India House that had been around for 30 years and said that they made Jain Food.  Everyone was ordering the Chappti and I wish I had too, but to have a place that would actually make me food without onions or garlic and not give me a hard time was well worth it.  Best meal I have had since I have been here hands down.  But taking a very European approach – siesta is from 2:00-4:00 and the entire area closes down.  Charming and peaceful during these couple hours where you can walk down an entire street and only pass one or two people.

Heading into the newer areas of the city, of course I had to go to Burj Khalifa.  The only true tourist thing I wanted to do was go to the top of the world’s tallest building and was disappointed to find that from 4:30-8:30 every single ticket to the top was sold out!  This is where I wanted to get a full view of the World Island, but didn’t get to.  I guess there must be a next time.  I did get to walk around the building, and it was neck breaking tall.  The Dubai Mall was so big, I kept getting lost.

As I left the city I was impressed with the modern architecture and cleanliness.  I was enjoyed the eclectic diversity of people from every inch of the world.  Better than New York City by far.  It was a good day, not that exciting, but still good.



Sitting by Burj Khalifa

Some Building in Dubai

Part of the Dubai Skyline


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