Lanzarote Computrainer Ride

Lanzarote Computrainer Ride

While the insanity still lingers, along with the salt stuck to my legs; I must express – I feel great!

I do not workout in the early hours of the morning, I guess that is a luxury I have with my job.  However, last night I convinced one of my clients that he should get up and do a 6:00 a.m. ride with me.  Not just because he really did need to get a ride in, but I needed someone to be held accountable to when I decided I needed to get my ride in as early as possible today.  Riding gear laid out, bike ready to go, mixes poured into my water bottles and just add water was all that was needed once I arrived at the studio (Train Chicago Studios).

5:03 a.m. alarm clock goes off, hit snooze for almost 30 minutes and hope out of bed and get to the studio.  6:07 – not bad for not being a workout morning person.  By 6:25 the ride had started and feeling very chatty and energized.  Thanks to my amazing assistant coach, Jean; the Ironman Lanzarote course was created and ready to be tackled.  (He is a Computrainer genius and brilliant IT guy, on top of that, being everything I am not; gentle, patient – in other words, compliments me quite well in bringing balance to my world).  In the first 20 miles you have already climbed 1950 ft.  Great, that means there are only 5100 more to climb and still with the steepest to come.  But this is where I actually got breathless a little, perhaps because of the condensed version of a warm-up, or maybe just because this course sucks the wind out of you!

2 bathroom breaks, 2 roll my hip flexors out, every 10 miles yelling at Jean I was entering another Aid Station and water was needed (he is so wonderful) and 4 hours and 34 minutes later I had completed 70 miles of the course!

What should be noted here is that is wasn’t the complete course, that is to be tackled this upcoming Thursday.  All the flats were taken out and only the hills were ridden.  I stopped counting how many hills went over 6% grade once I hit #8 and then started in the 9% grade climbs.  If I am correct, there were 4 of those and another 4 that exceeded over 7%.

Making notes:  bring climbing gears for my bike and see on the big summit if that cassette feels better.  This is a a strength course – cardio-wise, it was not a problem for me.  But I need to continue to focus on my strength through the legs for me to stay strong on the bike.  Lungs and legs both felt great coming off this workout.  Nutrition during and post workout felt spot on.  The last climb is longer than that at Lake Placid and The Big Nasty at Wildflower feels like a complete JOKE in comparison to what I just rode.

Cant’ wait!  I am feeling good and motivated.  It always takes a major defeat, like Abu Dhabi, to pull me in and get me ready for the Big One.  And I feel like I am finally starting to get there.


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