Canary Islands…Getting Ready!

Canary Islands, Getting Ready!

5 weeks from today, I arrive on the island.  I am excited!  Normally this feeling doesn’t happen until a week before the race, but for the past two weeks I have felt pretty good with my training with the exception of one ride.  Two weeks ago I got to ride 100 miles of the Lanzarote course via Computrainer; it is so much easier than my previous 70 mile attempt, where the flats had been cut.  It was such a confidence booster!  My concern for this race is more the ride than anything else; climbing a volcano in the heat and wind…lot of climbing.  How happy I am to live on a flat lakefront where it was snowing this morning in the middle of April; it seems to work out really well with my training plan – NOT.  But today I am not writing about my training or experience of racing.  Today I am asking for a little help from you who have traveled to my next destination – Lanzarote.

While I am in Lanzarote I am looking for a little adventure:

Is there anything specific I should see on this island…off the beaten path?

Eating – are there hidden gems that only the locals go?

Sites – breathtaking and beautiful that only seeing could do justice?

Is there a way to go 20 miles to the coast of Morocco?

On my overnight in Madrid – what is the one thing I should see and place to eat?

If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave one.  I am open to any adventure and my boundaries are limitless!


One thought on “Canary Islands…Getting Ready!

  1. Good Luck Kimberly! I lived in Madrid for 3 months. if you only have 1 night, I’d say Plaza Mayor is the most popular spot to see. Great people watching, restaurants, cafes, tapas, nightlife. It’s a more touristy spot but still beautiful! Also for Dinner/Tapas- Casa Lucio! Amazing food, very traditional spanish atmosphere, a little hidden.

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