Reflections of Lanzarote

One year ago I landed in Chicago from Paris to find that a volcano had erupted, closing down all airspace in Europe. A week later my flight to Germany was cancelled due to that eruption. This week I kept my eye again on another volcanic eruption as I flew from Madrid to London for the day, hoping my life would not be interrupted with nature’s attempt to disrupt. It makes this past week’s travels taking me to a place where you can see first hand where such type of destruction can create some of nature’s most beautiful masterpieces.
As I have spent all week in awe of what the different textures and colors of the island of Lanzarote. This trip was to my surprise less about culture and more of appreciating the beauty nature has to offer us. I have see colors of the ocean my eyes had never laid eyes on before during this adventure. I saw a desert of hardened lava rocks that traveled for kilometers with no sign of life. There were other parts of the island where the seeds of life had been planted to carry on the cycle of life. The small towns were built in fairness for everyone to have a view of this beautiful island.
This is a place where it is easy to holiday, but don’t except your trip to be action packed (unless you are doing and Ironman). You can relax and rest and take in the sun, scuba, sail, surf and take in more sun. With this being a large UK holiday spot, you find that most restaurants are tapas and Brit food. Rows of Irish and British pubs with constant football and F1 racing; so if you plan on coming to taking in the Spanish culture you need search hard and leave the tourist spots like La Santa and Puerto del Carmen and the small city of Arrecife. The small towns of San Bartalome and Ye give you that taste old world living where there are the local markets and the cheese is amazing and so is the bread; wine like you have never tasted before that is simple like a good European table wine, but complex with flavors that simply come from a type of soil of which I have never tasted wine from.
There is a unique feel to this place, unlike what I have seen before on other island get-aways; where the people who engage with you appear to be genuinely interested in you, where you come from and why you are here. There are no formalities here, and as each day passes you slowly become part of the island yourself. Sleeping with the door open to my balcony so I could hear the ocean waves, walking barefoot from my apartment to the beach for my morning swims and stops at the local bakery to have my fresh breads were all part of my daily rituals…and something I could easily get use to.
Oh, but the views! This is why you come to the island of Lanzarote, this is why you travel to the Canary Islands; to take in a small piece of what is almost uninterrupted by the rest of the world. It is a place where you can go to and spend time to yourself, just be with yourself and no one will step on your toes. For a moment in time you are allowed to stop and smell the flowers, take it all in and give thought to it and not feel rushed. Lanzarote is a place of simple, un-rushed.


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