Get It Together

South Shore Triathlon – Chicago, IL
I could call this once again “Second Place is First Loser” and that would sum it up as to how my day went, but that would just be me giving myself a pity party. I could also give you every reason in the book as to why my training has basically not been up to par, but I will spare you.
Simply my running sucked lately and I need to put in the time if what I do in Beijing is going to amount to anything. I need to work on more speed in all three events and have no excuses.
Times: I don’t even know; I have seen the results yet, but can tell you my run was wicked slow. The bike was my first ride on a time trial bike (broke in my new one today) since IM Lanzarote. Swimming to me the first 3/4 to warm up, but that is normal. Don’t know my averages, but do know it took me 1:09 to finish…not good enough.
On a happy note, my triathlete’s were AMAZING! They are the prime example to why I love doing what I do. I feel like their success is my success as well and helps take the pain of my personal performance expectations away. RAM Racing threw a fun race today and the weather could not have been more perfect. I probably should not have ridden my bike to the race 11 miles away, but the company was good. Ironically, my two riding buddies down to the race both placed 2nd in their age groups too!
A day of being second best…it doesn’t make me feel good. But you get out what you put into your training and that is exactly what I deserved. Success is something you aren’t entitled to; it is something you earn.
Three of my triathlete’s of whom I am so very proud of


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