Price Tag

The average Ironman participant makes $150,000 a year.  I am certainly not one of those.  Gadgets and gizmo’s galore; from Suit Juice to Chamois Butt, all the way to Aero-Wheels and GPS watches, what has this world come to?

When you look back thirty years ago to the first brave souls who attempted this great feat; a $10 entry fee, while wearing cut-off jean shorts, rode on 10-speeds and ate sandwiches while drinking soda.  It was just a long day on the big island.  Now look at us!

$450 Car rental
$75 IM Lanzarote jersey and visor
$95 Food for the week because I used my kitchen!
$121 Hotel in Madrid

TOTAL: $751

$1600 Plane ticket to Lanzarote
$302 Hotel for 7 nights

TOTAL – $1902

It will be interesting to see how much money I spend when it is all said and done by the end of Lanzarote.


  • 246.41  New Tires for my HED3 Wheels and service to have them glued on.
  • $1456  Hotel for Abu Dhabi Triathlon (9 nights)


  • $186  New Helmet – I broke my daily helmet and was force to get a new one 😦
  • $70 Bike Rental in Santa Monica because I was too cheap to fly my bike $300
  • THANK YOU RUNNING AWAY MULTI-SPORT for my bike tune up!  You are AMAZING!!!!

TOTAL: $256



This is beyond ridiculous!  And I often wonder why I don’t have more saved than what I have.  Clearly this is where all my extra dollars are going.


  • $668 for plane ticket and hotel to Miami, FL for 5 days of training in the heat, open water and on my bike outside
  • $75 Entry to ING Miami Half Marathon to help prep myself for running
  • $68 on Cycling Bibs, Shorts, Wind Booties and Rain Jacket – AMAZING SALE!
  • $300 round trip ticket for my bike to go to Miami – AA just raised their price…I’m going to go broke.
  • $56 for what I forgot to bring with me – Aero water bottle, body glide (chamois glide), chain lube
  • $120 for new saddle

TOTAL:    $1307


  • $1240  48 Sessions for my Personal Trainer – because strength training is the one thing I won’t do on my own
  • $100  20 sessions of Bikram Yoga
  • $44.48  Plane ticket to Abu Dhabi, UAE – thank god for Etihad Family Mile Plan!

TOTAL: $1384.68


  • $135    1 pair of Asics Noosa Tri 4, plus shipping from Germany
  • $265    Entry to Vineman 70.3 – but this doesn’t really count since it is post IM Lanzarote (just another race to do)
  • $150     Abu Dhabi Long Course entry fee – but really I don’t know yet if that was US dollar or UAE dirham yet
  • $125     1 pair of Asics Noosa Tri 6, plus shipping from London – because the first pair was so cool, I had to get a second

TOTAL:  $675


  • $196     2 pairs of running tights from lululemon (the best running tights ever!)

TOTAL: $196


  • $150     Triathlon Training/Coaching

TOTAL:  $150


  • $150     Triathlon Training/Coaching
  • $650     Race Entry to Ironman Lanzarote
  • $135     New cycling shoes (Specialized Trivent) online on sale
  • $92.80  Saucony Fastwich running shoe

TOTAL:  $1027.80 – I will have to admit; I added it up, got the total and thought I had messed up.  I then added again and got the same result…the calculator works!


One thought on “Price Tag

  1. Unfortunately it is an expensive sport that sucks you right in!!! We just prepared all our paperwork for our taxes and couldn’t figure out where all our money went….oh yeah…that little hobby called triathlon!

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