Best Job Around the World

Of course I think I have the best job in the world…who wouldn’t love to get to educate people about fitness, help them live better quality lives and help people feel good about themselves?  With that, I get to do this while traveling all over the world AND get to race in triathlons and road races.  SIMPLY THE BEST!

Now I found the job that very well might one-up even mine… Jauntaroo‘s Best Job Around the World contest had 3000 people enter, and as of today they eliminated to 50.  I was one of the 50.  Holy Crap!!!!  I want to be excited, but there is a bit of a popularity contest and votes are needed.  I am not much for popularity contests…maybe because I wasn’t a popular one growing up, just choosing to go to the beat of my own drum.  Quality over popularity.  But either way – I still need votes.  

So, now I need to ask everyone I know to vote & get their friends & their friends to vote for ME!  I beg you to make me popular now.  

I promise if I get this job to travel the world and write and do great things with the community – I will find a few AMAZING races to do, take some great pictures & videos and write about it, so you can follow along.  Thank you thank you thank you –  TO VOTE, CLICK HERE AND THEN CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON.  YOU CAN VOTE EVERY 24 HOURS!!!!


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