Back to Life

It is hard to write about something when you have nothing to write about, therefore, I haven’t.

1098051_10201120823355823_1914134621_nMoving into the next box came with one of the worst year’s ever in my books.  10 months ago I went off on a business trip and had a freak toe accident that left my foot in a boot for 4 months and out of running (along with everything else) for almost 7 months.  Who knew a baby toe was so important…especially when you have to put a shoe on your foot.

Long story short…

Forced myself through 4 climbs of Alpe d’Huez in 5 days, because I was not giving up on the trip/race of a lifetime (some are just worth the sacrifice).  Got two flat 20 miler rides in before that week.  Cleared it in 1:10 and descending in less than 18 minutes with a trailer in front of me for 2 miles.  Making car passes downhill was the worst of it all!  Fell in love with it – LOVE Alpe d’Huez and would say if you have ever questioned it, wanted just once to try it: DON’T HESITATE, DO IT!

Fast Forward…

IMG_1363February 2nd, 2014 my very first bike race ever!  Why did it take so long?  100km crit style in Ahmedabad, India.  13th OA women’s and can never complain about that, holding on in the 2nd chase group and pulled the pack with 4 other men.  *Ladies, if you want to be a better cyclist, learn how to pull your weight in the pack, don’t let everyone else do it for you.  Do this and you will soon be in the 1st chase.  I really wanted to take the two of you out after yelling at the leads to speed up and you refusing to work.

March 9th I got talked into doing my first trail race, a beautiful 21km run through Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India.  Knowing I am not the strongest of runners, and definitely not placing worthy, I was elated to have placed 2nd overall in the 35+ division and winning my first overseas prize money.  15km was the longest I had run since February 2013, so no complaint here!

Now the question becomes, are there races for 2014?

YES THERE IS A SEASON FOR ME!!!  So excited, and 100% healthy.  Crazy how all my injuries come from doing something stupid and never related to my sport.  So, Iron Insanity is Back to Life and ready to take on the 2014 season with full force effort.  Back in the Saddle and ready to take it One Step at a Time.


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