A pause always occurs when asked what I do for a living.  It’s not that is hard to explain, it’s that I am one of “those people” who have not put all her eggs in one basket, that if I stopped doing one job, I would continue to have income from other sources.  “Fitness Industry” is always my simple answer, then if one is not satisfied with that answer, I go into the 6 part elaboration.

With the year of 2015, and my 10 year anniversary of working in the Fitness Industry, I have taken all my elements of blogging and have placed them into one place…

Teaching education of fitness around the world that allows me to travel and continue to race on all continents and while experiencing the cultures from around the world and inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle.  Did that sum it up?

Without Borders is officially merged with NJOY LIFESTYLE (which was previously Iron Insanity)

Kimberly Shah Fitness Blog is officially merged to Kimberly’s official website – Kimberly Shah


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