Throwback: Riders on the Storm

or Throwback Thursday, here is a ride I taught a couple months ago


Unfortunately the indoor riding season has fell upon us a lot sooner than usual.  Thank goodness for Spotify; one of they best work investments I have made in years.  It is amazing how much we instructors end up spending on music in order to keep our music fresh.

I loved putting this old school mixed genre playlist together, and loved even more the ride; at least until the last 30 minutes of the 4th time I taught it yesterday.  At that point, I was a little over it.  But then again, today’s another day, with another ride.

This week’s hour ride is here and simply profile for my SHEERpower Cycling Class:

DIFFICULTY: 4 out of 5

1. Warm-Up

2. 3 repeating sets with 3 songs in each set.  The goal is to: feel out set 1, master set 2 and empty the tank on set 3.

Song 1: 2 x 30 second sprints with equal recovery, and 1 minute sprint (set 3, give 45 second rest between)

Song 2: 90 seconds easy/moderate, 2 minutes hardest effort at aerobic, 2 minutes anaerobic (using distance: 2′ far, 2′ further)

Song 3: 2 x 5 second power sprints with 5″ rest between for 3 sets (song 2: 3 x 5″, song 3: 4 x 5″)

3. Final Song: every 20 seconds alternate between adding resistance or increasing cadence.  Once cadence starts to fall, immediately reset and start over.

4.  Cool-Down


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