God’s Perfect Fruit.  The Mango.  I could spend endless hours talking about how amazing this fruit is, but let me just go ahead and spare you.  Often I get asked how I can possibly live through the Indian summer; it’s simple…Mango, and I am serious about it!  Nothing quenches the tastebuds like a cold mango on a 45C/113F degree summer day.

Since the beginning of mango season I have eaten over 200 of these luscious fruits and never grow tired of them.  Each day, I pick up fresh and ready to eat organic kesar or alfanso mangos from my local street vendor.  Cutting into the flesh and separating the pit to suck clean has been a highlighted ritual of my daily living.

I have gone through 4 stages of eating mangoes through the season.

*Note – 6 mangoes were eaten to make this entry.

1.  Cut and dice.  This is the norm, it’s what everyone does.  It takes time, but what else are your options?…well…there are options, which leads me to…


2. Split and scoop.  This is a result of living alone and reverting to the ‘bachelor’ life, as I begin to highlight my true lack of domestic skills.  I have no one I need to dice for other than me, so what’s point?  Or maybe I was just too impatient.  Either way, that became too inconvenient as well as I eliminated the spoon completely…


3.  Peel and Scrape.  Am I reverting to Neanderthal ages or just getting smarter?  Either way, I am getting that mango to my mouth quicker.  Isn’t that the point?  But then, just as the season was coming to an end, I had a new discovery thanks to a family member.  Beyond brilliant, it solved all issues you could ever have on how to penetrate the skin if you didn’t have a knife on hand…


4. Massage and Suck.  Don’t take this method into the gutter.  It is simply genius.  You can take your mangoes on the go and never have to cut them!  It will make the mango more into a juice or a near aamras texture, however it never alters the flavor of this delicious fruit.  Wash it, chill it, massage it, pinch, suck and clean it out.  AMAZING.




*I am not sure this is true or not, someone mentioned to me that there are people who can be allergic to the sap (if you are poison ivy sensitive – which I am extremely allergic…no issues for me) or the skin (if you allergic to latex).


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