Learn More, Move Better


The best part of being on the Trigger Point Team is they are not just about selling products, they are an education company who’s company culture is about using education to empower people to improve their quality of life.  What is our quality of life if we cannot move?

Mobility is an essential part of day to day life.  No one likes to be in pain.  No one enjoys being restricted to move and do things and once liked doing.  We brush our teeth on a daily basis for maintenance.  Why do we often feel it is not important to maintain our bodies on a daily basis to ensure we can move to the best of our ability?  Foam Rolling and Myfascial Comporession Techniques done on a daily basis are great tools to add to your body’s daily maintenance plan.

Whenever I am in the stretch area of a gym and see people ‘steam rolling’ their IT bands, or spending 15 minutes mashing their glutes on a roller, I always feel is it my social duty as a Master Trainer to take the time and educate them on how to make their rolling more effective and beneficial.

The great thing with TP, is that they have an endless library of education you can see on their YouTube page,


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