Dear Self,

The eyebrow will alway rise.  The questions will start flowing through their head of why, how could you and what are you thinking.  It is okay.  You are living the life you chose because it’s what is right for you.  They might not understand, and that is okay, they don’t have to.  Because to those who do understand, those who get why you are walking the path that you have chosen are the one’s whose live’s you are going to help change.  I know why I am here.  I know my mission.

ok to live a life poster


3 thoughts on “Dear Self,

    1. My expression is not about my job. It is more about everyone who I left behind to follow my love and passion. Very few people from where I come understand why I would leave America, go live in India with no friends, and none of my family around me. Most will never understand why I have done that, and as lonely as it gets for me, it is okay.

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