My Hate Mail

Dear Pepperfry,

Moving to a new city, getting a new apartment, shopping for new furniture should be a fun experience.  Yes, the new city and new apartment was a fun experience.  But shopping, unfortunately, because I chose YOU, has been the worst shopping experience of my life. Let’s be certain, I have shopped and moved a lot in my life.  In fact, if India had a better business bureau, you wouldn’t even rate a 1-star.

Never in my life have I been pushed to the limit of saying I hate something…but now I have, because of you.

Never in my life have I been pushed to the limit of patience where I have completely lost it on some poor soul who is just trained to answer yes and no and have not a clue how to solve an actual problem…but thanks to you now, I have lost it.

Never in my life have I wanted to hit or throw something…thanks to you, I want to do both.

Never has a person or company made my life so miserable until you…PEPPERFRY.

I loved moving to India, but now that I have experienced the lowest of low in businesses…I may have reached my breaking point because of you.

What this shoddy company does is says they can deliver, make you wait, and then when it comes to the delivery window; on the last day, if they cannot meet the need, they will just cancel your order.  Just like that.  So if you actually reorder (shame on me), they will put through the same hell and ten fold for the next go round.

They will send you emails saying this is a rare exception and that this ‘never happens’.  Ironic it has happened to all three of my orders.  I asked around and find that this has happened to other people who have made orders themselves with this company.  Worst part is that you cannot even write review about your product experience if they cancel your order, so people more than likely never know they do this.

Two months now without furniture.  Two weeks was manageable, but six additional weeks of misery of a concrete floor has me to a place with a sore ass and nothing nice to say.

You really are the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.  You automatically cancel orders. You show up unannounced at my doorstep at 7am with a delivery You say you are going to deliver between a time frame and then don’t.  You have no respect for anyone who buys from you.  You have no consideration toward those who actually live alone and work and cannot be at home 24/7 guessing when you are going to arrive.

I have literally had to stay home for a total of 9 days over two months to receive pieces of my order, which are all still open orders.  I should send you a bill for the hours of work I have missed.  It would certainly total five times the amount I ordered.

I would never recommend anyone deal with this company.  Pepperfy cannot deliver on what they promise.  They have lied and cheated.  They have without a doubt given me the worst shopping experience of my life.

It is sad I have to write this and spend time on ridiculousness like this, but you have left me with  no choice, since you cannot solve a single problem or know how to make a wrong right.

Pepperfry, I truly hate you.  Worst company ever.



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