A World Being Torn Apart

I often don’t go so far to express my opinions like this, but for some reason over the past month this is the third time over a different topic I have.

As I read newspaper articles from media and posts of what people have to say about the mass murder in Orlando, a horrible act of hatred toward people, it greatly saddens me. Anywhere in the world, it is sad that people have to live a life in fear of such acts of terror. To take target toward a specific community only compounds the issues we have in today’s society. To all my gay and lesbian family and friends, my heart pours out ten fold today to you. I know you have fought hard to live a life to feel safe to love whomever you choose to love and be the person you were made to be and you should never have the right taken from you. 

A crime as such can divide communities and a country. Those who have performed terroristic acts toward groups of people and communities also creates fear toward those of whom which we should not fear.  Throughout centuries of battles and wars, thousands and thousands (likely millions) of humans have caused acts of terror to societies in the name of their God. 

A person who claims to be Muslim and his acts are just because of ‘Islamic State’ is not a true Muslim.  As a result of these terrorists, NOT Muslims, they put the freedom which is much deserved at risk to the true practicing Muslims throughout the world, as they now live in a world of scrutiny and discrimination.

Have we forgotten it is Ramadan, the Holiest of months for Muslims, a time for reflection, fasting and prayer? A time of year where a true Muslim would not be taking part of such a horrible act, NOR EVER.

I look at the country I was born in through a window now, as I gaze 10,000 miles away. My heart goes out to anyone who is discriminated again or has been part of a hate crime. I know what it is like now being a minority and what that can feel like. It has taught me to be more compassionate and understanding toward those who are looked at as different from the norm of the society you are part of. 

Please don’t turn on those who practice a religion simply because there are people of hate using the Name of it to gain benefit or have a sick twisted way of justifying it. 

Please let the LGBTQ Community, who have fought so hard to have rights that they should have always had from the start continue to make leaps and bounds in society to feel safe and be free.  

Stand together and fight the real issue, the real crime that is being committed.  Don’t let people as demented as this continue to tear society apart.  They have won if you allow that to happen. 


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