Attacked By Masculinism of India

I have to admit, I am kind of laughing as I write this, but  because I am dumbfounded that A: There are people like this.  B: Really???…Really?  C: I know they exist, but I still can’t believe they do.

Scenario: Flipping through news stories and come across this.

Uber Driver Tries To Rape College Girl. Gets Beaten Up, Because She Knew Karate!

After continuous comments of reading things to the sort: “All women should learn this for incidents like these.” and not reading any of “why can’t men learn…” I responded.

*Noted: I do believe women AND men should learn to defend themselves. Unfortunately that is a world we live. Unfortunately things happen. In the first year of living in India, I was followed and attacked. The man did not expect me to fight back and I took him down. I was stronger and more agile than him. The look on his face was amazing when he hit the ground. He did not expect that at all.


NOTE: I am the one who liked the comment below me.  

NOW…From there, let the attack begin….


What else can you say other than it is so so sad there are people out there who are like this.  Women…Indian Women, Chinese Women, American Women…Women are beautiful beings. They gave birth to every human who walks this earth and should be honored.  It’s no wonder there are less than 250 followers of this group in the country.  Thank you the the men out there who don’t buy into this crap.

WOW…what else can you say other than please don’t let this man procreate!!!


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