Where It All Started

Touched and honored that people would write to tell me what an inspiration I am. While my intention was not to inspire, but to educate, I suppose it takes someone who can inspire to get one to want to learn or change their life for the better.

EndlesPictures interviews and questions from panels and groups about my history of fitness made me realize that my journey was unique from what people were used to in India. So where did my journey in fitness begin? It might take a lifetime to tell, so I will just pick a story a week for you to help unfold where I came and what moved me to indulge my life in the world of fitness.

I hated dance. I hated tutus and tap shoes. I hated sequins and ruffles. GET ME OUT OF THIS! But thanks to a sister who always wanted to do ballet and dance, by default, little sister had to as well. There was something to the affect of heel toe and shuffling. That was the end of my dancing career, and thank goodness for that!  …continued at Kimberly Shah Fitness:  Where It All Started

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