Be Me

The battle continues as I fight to keep me.
Regaining my happiness we will see.
Being true to myself will set me free.
But can only happen if you let me be. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 7.59.26 PM



One thought on “Be Me

  1. Kimmie, We ain’t about to let you go that easily. I think you’re here to stay….we would like you to stay. It isn’t easy..but still. You are the ultimate Gori Indian, don’t you forget that. Perhaps not be appearance, but by nature, values, and by heart, you are as Indian as Indian can get. And you’re not the only one, scratch below the surface, and you will find plenty like you, feeling if not expressing the same. Take heart Kimmie, you will find your rhythm and your peace. Hope its sooner and not later, and certainly soon enough, such that we don’t see you leave.

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