Where It All Started

Touched and honored that people would write to tell me what an inspiration I am. While my intention was not to inspire, but to educate, I suppose it takes someone who can inspire to get one to want to learn or change their life for the better.

EndlesPictures interviews and questions from panels and groups about my history of fitness made me realize that my journey was unique from what people were used to in India. So where did my journey in fitness begin? It might take a lifetime to tell, so I will just pick a story a week for you to help unfold where I came and what moved me to indulge my life in the world of fitness.

I hated dance. I hated tutus and tap shoes. I hated sequins and ruffles. GET ME OUT OF THIS! But thanks to a sister who always wanted to do ballet and dance, by default, little sister had to as well. There was something to the affect of heel toe and shuffling. That was the end of my dancing career, and thank goodness for that!  …continued at Kimberly Shah Fitness:  Where It All Started

Dear Self,

The eyebrow will alway rise.  The questions will start flowing through their head of why, how could you and what are you thinking.  It is okay.  You are living the life you chose because it’s what is right for you.  They might not understand, and that is okay, they don’t have to.  Because to those who do understand, those who get why you are walking the path that you have chosen are the one’s whose live’s you are going to help change.  I know why I am here.  I know my mission.

ok to live a life poster

Lose Yourself

A playlist can be pretty personal.  From the beginning of iTunes, I have worked in an industry to where I have had to share my playlists of cycling classes time and time again, but my running lists are very personal to me, and have always kept them to myself.  Time and time again I started having people asking me what I ran to, and slowly I started sharing some of it.

The endless lists music I run to, I really have no ‘one type’ it more depends on the distance, intensity and mood.  Therefore, I end up with all genres, languages and tempos in my playlists.  I am often amazed by how much music I listen to during my workouts is not the type of music I would listen to when not working out, but it works.  But one artist who always finds his way into every run is Eminem.  I will admit I never liked his earlier music, but as his music has transformed over the years, so has my taste for him.  Here are my top favorite 7 workout songs from his work.


Reports on how music and exercise:

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