We often forget that negatives can be often our motivation for life changing moments.  Learn to embrace the bad with the good.



Grateful In and Out of the Light

As Tuesday Brings Grati Tuesday with Project Happines, how grateful are we as humans?  It is easy to be when we are living in the light and things are going our way, but how easy is it to be grateful when things aren’t going well?

In a trip to Thailand in 2013 is where I was able to take this picture.

GratiTuesday #1

One Change

In all my travels and work throughout the world, I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people.  While living in India, I was fortunate to meet and befriend Milind Soham.  Famously known as the first Indian male super model, I was lucky enough to get to know him for the love of the sport we both share; running.  Now famously known for his barefoot running from point to point throughout his wonderful country, he has used his status to bring awareness to India on fitness and hosts the largest running women’s only running events in the country while raising money for Breast Cancer Research.  Change…all it takes is one person to have the impact on hundreds of thousands.


 Milind’s Organization: PINKATHON

You can also follow his outreach throughout communities: FACEBOOK