Go Run Some Hills

I love running old school; no GPS beeping at me to tell me to run faster – slow down – run more…never getting to just fully enjoy the feel of a run.  There is nothing like going out the front door and turning off my head and just letting it all go and just RUN.  More times than not I can go out the door and not even think to grab my iPod.  But if I become aware that I don’t have music on me, that is all I can think about; so creating the perfect motivating playlist is always fun for me.

Here is my Hilly 10 Mile Run


Challenge Championships in the Americas

(and 50% entry discount deal!)

I can’t say enough great things about the Challenge Family Series!  Week by week, it keeps getting better with the announcements they have.  From more races being announced in the Americas, to the confirmed Championships they will be holding.

Those who competed last year in the Rev3 Triathlon Series and was hoping to have Knoxville Age Group Championships as their season opener – it is still going to happen!  Challenge Knoxville 2015


Challenge is offering a 50% discount to those who register to help celebrate the kick-off season for the Challenge Series Championships.  Here is how it works:

1.  Register for Challenge Knoxville

2.  You will get sent a 50% entry discount for a friend to use

3.  Friend signs up

4.  Share the cost together and you both end up paying total of $382.50 for two half distance entries.


But you have to jump in on the deal ASAP, because it ends on the 30th of November, 2014.

Challenge Family website has further details if you want to check it out!  I will definitely be there for an opportunity like this.

Challenge Knoxville be my first US race of the season and looking forward to racing on this beautiful course!